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Ali Mortimer - Life, Love & Happiness Coach


Ali Mortimer

Live a Beautiful Life 

A life of Joy

Welcome to my website!

I am Ali Mortimer – Speaker, Author,Coach, Mentor to women who are not afraid to want more in all areas of life, work, relationships & health. And I am not afraid to lovingly, respectfully, call them out on the BS that is stopping them access all they desire.


I love showing women what is possible when it comes to experiencing JOY & living a beautiful life; a life of pure abundance, prosperity, generosity & fun despite the highs, lows & inevitable plot twists in midlife.


This is what I have created for myself after loss & trauma, found my own  way out of darkness into the light, moving my own mountains of health, life, work & love and what I have literally made it my business to help others with too.


I believe that JOY is created on the foundations of holistic health & peace of mind and amplified with love & dreams. I lovingly, gently, confidently guide women to walk their own path in love, in truth & with courage to take those first steps to a joy filled life.


I am married to her soulmate for the second time, am enjoying the adventures of life with our two sons and feel like I am mastering midlife & maturing gracefully. Whether you need it or want it, I am the walking permission slip & example to follow to inspire you to keep maturing, keep evolving and to keep experiencing more & more as you age. 


Enjoy browsing my website, help yourself to my free resources, read my full story, find your way to my socials where I love to hang out and share daily life; sign up for my newsletter, join me in my Membership to create your foundations of CALM or hang out with me and some incredible women in  my Mastermind - The Love Club or if you prefer exclusive & intimate spaces, let's choose the mentorship package to help you create your joyful life; find me on the socials or email me at

A little background..

I love my work and I love who I 'do life with';  I am married to the love of my life & my soul mate: our journey started at 19 and we are now in our second marriage. Together, we love our 2 teenage sons & a brown sprocker spaniel & run a luxury holiday rental company.


I started my career officially as a coach in 2018 - after 20 years of smashing it in corporate to the point of burnout!. My first business (Heal Yourself Happy) went global during the pandemic & became a 6 figure brand in those 12 months. My second coaching business (The Limitless CEO) was in partnership with my original business coach & we generated 6 figures in income in the first 6 months, doubling it by the end of the year.


In 2023, I took a breath, focussed on mine & my husband’s health, our life & our property business.

At the end of 2023, I knew it was time for me to be back in business for myself and focussed on what I love most - JOY spreading.

Ali Mortimer - Life, Love & Happiness Coach

Free to... live, to love, to be alive know YOU, to be real, to be all of YOU cry, to laugh, to feel, to heal grow, to change, to evolve, to burn it down, to start again lead with your heart, your soul, your spirit, your intuition create, to innovate, to be different trust, to surrender, to let go, to flow, to fly

.. to be be vulnerable, to be naked, to be seen lose, to fail, to try again, to experiment, to win! be bold, to be quiet, to be loud, to be still be connect, to disconnect compare, to investigate, to contemplate be curious, to follow your gut, to know what is right doubt, to wonder, to challenge move, to shift, to push beyond limits be content, to want more, to need less, to be grateful be present, to be distant, to be deep stay here, to go there, to travel or stay at home dream, to hope, to wish, to believe

..and to have it all


to live is a gift

Ali has coached global teams to deliver strategic results as well as privately coached & mentored CEO’s of business, high flying lawyers to established entrepreneurs & start-ups as well as women running their households. She has delivered live meditations, mindfulness, health & happiness sessions on global virtual stages during the pandemic as well as on-stage keynote talks & trainings for UK corporations. She has worked in Tier 1, blue chip companies, worked as a freelance consultant and also created multiple successful start up businesses & lived and loved it all!

Ali loves to work with minds, hearts and souls with tangible strategies for living human life while transcending in to the spiritual energy where souls get to guide how we experience life. It is the lifestyle & mindset strategies combined with the spiritual & emotional connection that she believes allows her & her clients to live, love, experience a happy, healthy life and feel free!


Ali is also a wife, mum to teenage boys, luxury home developer, loves photography, skiing & walking her spaniel.

Ali Mortimer - Life, Love & Happiness Coach

Happiness Stories


To create your foundations of Joy with Peace & Health:

Join me in the my Membership, The CALM Clinic, & live with CALM - A Consciously Aware & Loving Mind. Follow my BIG 5 Concepts of living with CALM and support mental, physical & emotional health, bringing peace & contentment to your present experience of life, work and who you are.

To amplify your life with Love:

Join me in my Mastermind - The Love Club or embark on one of my Master Courses (launching Spring 2024). Live on your terms, in alignment with your own definition of success; Become self aware, create self respect and in doing so find a love so deep for yourself, your life and your purpose your joy is inevitable.  

To ignite  your Dreams, live out your vision for life:

Create & Live a life of Pure Prosperity, a life infused with Joy. Join me in private mentorship and give yourself the gift of JOY - focus Just On You.  Together we create your bespoke package based on your requirements and my availability.


At the beginning of our journey, I felt ashamed, devastated, and very sad to find myself so completely broken and stripped of all my strength. I felt hopeless, trapped and frightened. I was under huge pressure and focused on being a successful high achiever, a loving wife and Mum and friend. I didn't love myself. I didn't care or look after myself. I put me last. I let myself endure unnecessary suffering.

K - @lovelifeplant

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